We love this place. It’s quaint, charming and completely wonderful! The food was excellent (Peach pie!! Brilliant!). They outdid themselves at dinner every day. The service is good, the staff is extremely sweet and helpful. We are definitely coming back, with friends, family, and alone. Good luck with all your endeavours and thank you for a wonderful time!
 Smriti & Gautam Verma
             New Delhi, India

Wonderful, calm and peaceful atmosphere. I’ll hardly find anywhere else…….and the best Indian food tasted till now. What a magical stay! Thank you so much.
Elina Bombis

A special word for the cook who continually churned out great food. Special mention must be made for “bhat ki churkani” and “pasta in white sauce". This is our fourth stay in any Neemrana ‘non-hotel’ and we eagerly look forward to the next destination.
  Sangita & Vikas Singh
                    Delhi, India


A wonderful experience with great food. The staff was just superb. The food was just delicious. Baked spinach, alloo ki gutli were some of them. Chocolate mousse has beaten the record of my favourite dessert, ice-cream. Thanks to the cook who prepared it so well and also the staff who served me with so much love.
Arun Singh (9 years), son of
Sangita & Vikas Singh


Third visit again to same place! Absolutely fabulous. Love the food. They made Tarts on request! Fabulous service.Shelly & Vishwaraj Chauhan
                               Delhi, India


Definitely a place to visit again and again……Excellent food and service in a peaceful environment. We’ll be coming back with friends and family. Loved the fruit jam!
Amrita & Dheeraj Singh
                Gurgaon, India


Thank you for a wonderful time! Continental food was delicious. Views and scenery are great and relaxing.
 Harish Agrawal
New Delhi, India

It was a nice break at the Ramgarh Bungalows for 3 days. The family enjoyed the trip and we are going back refreshed. The excellent scenic beauty of the hills, the terrain, and the quiet surroundings made it all great for someone who wants to just unwind and relax. Food is excellent – non-oily and non-greasy, with fresh vegetables. The staff are friendly and well-behaved. We would recommend the property to others as well.
Byomkesh, Aprita & Cuckoo Mishra
                                     Lucknow, India


The various Neemrana properties, located all over India, offer fresh products available in that region.  Our local cuisines with a different palate experience are for gourmets who travel with their taste buds – and also enjoy eating with their eyes!

At The Ramgarh Bungalows, broadly, we serve North-Indian cuisine with a few Continental or Oriental dishes at random, to suit a range of tastes and palates. Italian and Chinese dishes are often added to enrich the range of buffet spreads. 

The meats and vegetables are procured on a regular basis. We prefer not to deep freeze our foods for long durations or for non-seasonal offering.

Should you desire to taste a special dish or have a particular preference, you can certainly make a request at the previous meal, and the chefs will try and please you.