• What a wonderful experience. If one wants to truly experience silence then one just has to stay at “Ashok Vatika”. The staff are truly great. They know when to come and help and when to stay away. We will definitely stay at all your properties. Thank you all.

    Dr. Dattatreya Prabhakumar

    Bengaluru, India
  • We had a wonderful stay at Ramgarh Bungalows at the Writer’s Bungalow. Bird Suite is excellent. The service is very good. All the staff are very cordial and humble. They give a very warm welcome. The best thing about the place is that there is a lot of care but no interference. I wish all the best to Ramgarh Bungalows and wish to come back very soon.

    Nitesh Kumar Mishra

    New Delhi, India
  • This is my first visit to Ramgarh and a Neemrana property. The whole meaning of ‘The Writers’ Bungalow” falls into place when one experiences the stay. Maybe I’ll need to come back and write a short story or a longer story.

    Patrick Kerr

    Gurgaon, India
  • We have thoroughly enjoyed our relaxing, peaceful stay in an English country garden following a mad 5 weeks sightseeing in Northern India. Thank you.

    David Elkington

    St. Albans, UK
  • As always with a Neemrana ‘non-hotel’ hotel, we leave refreshed & charged up to face the daily rigmarole of our lives. We stayed in Ashok Vatika (Pink room) and each day was an enriching experience. Right from the early morning sunrise from behind the peaks, to early morning tea with fruit laden trees and birds chirping all around we experienced something different. Our nine year old son had a wonderful time playing in the gardens and trekking down to the Writer’s Bungalow and The Old Bungalow.   The staff were hospitable and made sure that we never felt that we were in a hotel. The room décor, the fixtures, the open terraces – all ensure that the old world charm remains intact. Thank you Neemrana for giving us this opportunity to relive 18th century life. A special word for the cook who continually churned out great food. Special mention must be made for “bhat ki churkani” and “pasta in white sauce”. This is our fourth stay in any Neemrana ‘non-hotel’ and we eagerly look forward to the next destination. Thank you to the entire Neemrana staff for this wonderful experience.

    Sangita & Vikas Singh

    Delhi, India
  • My mother and I spent five delightful nights at Ramgarh Bungalows. We stayed in “Iris” in Vista Villa which is special because of its location and view. The Bungalow itself is quiet and serene, and the profusion of flowering plants, fruit trees and myriads of birds and insects make it all the more charming. But most of all we enjoyed our stay thanks to the care, courtesy, attentiveness, and affection with which we were treated here. It made the stay that much more pleasurable; we felt as though it were home, and not guests at a hotel. I shall certainly return again! Thanks.


  • The attention to detail was like never before. Each room was distinctive and truly well appointed. The service was understated and unintrusive yet always attentive and on time. Overall the experience is worth repeating over and over.

    Ryan Frantz

    New Delhi, India
  • This has been the most relaxing holiday/weekend ever. Just the right distance from Delhi. We came for just one night but going back completely rejuvenated and recharged. They take wonderful care of you feel right at home. Personally we prefer The Old Bungalow as it still holds a bit of the old world charm. If you care for a home away from home, long walks, quiet evenings, and peace you couldn’t find a better place. We thank you.

    Meghna & Shwetak Dev

    Delhi, India
  • How much the 4 of us have enjoyed staying here! We have been spoilt and felt protected from monsoon rains in the courtyard, sitting in the easy chairs……We look forward to coming again, when it is possible

    Francoise & Urs Heierli

  • We love this place. It’s quaint, charming and completely wonderful! The food was excellent (Peach pie!! Brilliant!). They outdid themselves at dinner every day. The service is good, the staff is extremely sweet and helpful. We are definitely coming back, with friends, family, and alone. Good luck with all your endeavours and thank you for a wonderful time!

    Smriti & Gautam Verma

    New Delhi, India